Junior Watches
Branding + Identity

JRW is a team made of watch lovers and enthusiasts who want to share cool things with the world. “We would never sell something that we wouldn't wear ourselves and there is no one who is tougher on our products than ourselves” - they say. Juniors are designed with simplicity and elegance in mind. It’s the simple things in life that are most outstanding and when you’re onto a good thing you wear it proud. Juniors are stoked about their size and have nothing to hide and as a unique piece of the unique you.
We designed a full set of brand elements, identity and packaging for Junior Watches. The classic line of JRW inspired us to incorporate elements and colors with a touch of nostalgia. Instead of just one, we created several logotypes and marks which opened up a possibility of developing a non unified look, but rather applications that speak on their own.
A selection of Junior Watches Instagrams.

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