Cinedays 13
European Film Festival


Cinedays, which is annually held in Skopje is a festival which celebrates the diversity of European cinema. The focus of the festival program centers on the promotion and the projection of the European cinematography as well as the discovery of young and talented European authors. Launched in 2001, the festival has grown to become a meeting place for filmmakers and film goers to exchange knowledge or share cultural experience, accompanied by the array of events, activities, social and educational projects and workshops which are all part of the festival.


"13/13" - For the 13th edition of the festival, we created a series of 13 posters. The whole idea was to emphasize the general perception of bad luck this number brings. So, we came up with 13 situations commonly perceived as bad luck signs and made posters for each one of them. We wanted to bring more weirdness and melancholy to the illustrations so we painted them in vintage - art deco style, using only black and yellow colors, followed by simple typography.

01     Black cat
02     Spilling salt
03     Putting clothes on inside out
04     Killing a spider
05     Rain on a wedding
06     Broken mirror
07     Walking under a ladder
08     Opening an umbrella indoors
09     Friday the 13th
10     Breaking glass while proposing a toast
11     L - shaped electric pole
12     Fallen painting
13     A chain letter


​To enhance the bad luck outlook, we also designed couple of giveaways on the same line, such as:

—   holy water;
—   branded wooden sticks;
—   chicken shit;
—   reverse printed tee;
—   virgin teardrops etc.